Western Digital 2060-701477-002 SATA "L"model PCB

July 4, 2012

Q1:  I have a WESTERN DIGITAL hard drive, it’s a SATA model, Model # : WD3200AAVS-00ZTB0 It will not power up or spin any longer and I need the information off of it , I’ve read that a PCB board exchange may bring it back to life so I’m hoping to get a replacement board from a vendor : The PCB Board lists these numbers and letters “2061-701477-200 AB” and “XT 5W02 GY8A 6 0004270 8 274”Do any of you vendors have a PCB board that matches up? Can I simply replace the board or is there more to getting the data recovered than simply replacing the board?

Q2:   I’ve burned the pcb controller of a WD5000AAJS – SE. The part n. is 2061-701477-100AC followed by this series XT 4U09 HGF5 9 0007120 8 127
Do you carry this part and can you ship it abroad?

Q3:  I am looking for a pcb board for the wd5000aajs caviar SE.  The PCB serial is 2061-701477-100 05P  XC4U06 1RQH H 0007040 8047. The chips on the board are: hynix, one that has a large M on it and the last one says SMOOTH.  On the back side of the board there are another set of numbers that read: 2060-701477-002.  Please let me know if you have this board or where I can get it.




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