Western Digital 2060-701499-005 REV A PCB

October 21, 2015

Q:I have a Western Digital HDD 2.5″ that I want to make it work again.
Model is WD3200BEVT-00ZCT0
PCB shows 2060-701499-005 REV P1
Please advise the following:
1. Are the above info enough to look for a matched PCB ?
2. Could HDD Zone do the BIOS/Main Controller IC exchange ?

A: 1. For Western Digital PCB swapping, the donor PCB just need to have the same board number(2060-701499-005) as damaged one.  https://www.hddzone.com/wd-2060701499005-pcb-p-285.html is your donor PCB.
2. You can move the BIOS from your original PCB by using hot-air gun, then solder it on the replacement board. Please refer: http://www.datarecoveryunion.com/hard-drive-rom-chip-swapreplacement/.  Or you can find an electronics repair shop help you.

2060-701499-005- BIOS