Western Digital 2060-701508-001 IDE PCB

June 19, 2012

Q1:  I’m in need of a PCB for a WD drive. 2060-701508-001 Rev A. I see one listed on the site but dosnt list what Rev. it is.  Also i see it has a Main Controller IC: 88i6740-LFG1. The one I have is 88i6740-LFH1. Do you have any idea if this will work?

Q2:  My Western Digital PCB shows a model number of 2060-701508-001 on it.  My HDD uses an IDE cable.  I found a PCB with the same model number on your website and the picture looks the same.  However, the description on your website says “Western Digital 2060-701508-001 SATA PCB.”  I need and IDE, not a SATA. I want to make sure I’m ordering the right PCB.  Will the WD 2060-701508-001 PCB work for my IDE Hard Drive?

Q3: I think my WD hard drive controller board has failed.
On the PCB’s silkscreen it says: 2060-701508-001, REV A
On a sticker on the PCB’S connector it says: 2061-701508-900




This Western Digital 2060-701508-001 IDE PCB is listed in Western Digital IDE PCB on HDDZone.com