Western Digital 2060-701596-001 IDE board PCB

June 19, 2012

Q1: I have a WD1600AAJB-00K3A0.  It has a PCB number 2060-701596-001.  The drive when connected does not spin at all and is not recognized by the computer.  I think you sell the part, but I am uncomfortable exchanging a main board.  This apparently needs the main board swapped.  Do you know anyone that might help perform the swap?

Q2:  I was having difficulties locating the PCB board for my hard drive on your site. Do you have one for mine? My hard drive specs are as follows: Manufacture: Western Digital
Model: Caviar Blue
Capacity: 500gb
Interface: IDE/PATA
Model #: wd5000AAKB – 00H8A0
Date: 27 April 2009
PCB #: 2061-701596-500 09P




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