Western Digital 2060-701640-002 with BIOS SATA "L"model PCB

July 8, 2012

Q1:   i have a wd5000aaks drive under 12 months old with a pcb failure. the marks on the board are 2060-701640-002 REV A and the bar code sticker has 2061-701640-202 04PD1 XS 8R41 4PX8 2 0007250 0257. would the chip at U12 require transposing onto a doner board or would an identical board be sufficient, and could you supply to the UK? (and at what cost)

Q2:   I’d need to find a matchin PCB for my Western Digital WD5000AADS Hard Disk dated 18th DEC 2009. Board number is 2060-701640-002 REV A. Next to it, there’s a T84 kind of stamped on the PCB. Finally, there’s a sticker with this serial: 2061-701640-802 01PD2 XCAQ03 0S23 J 0001230 0231 I need a new PCB since mine is burnt. Whenever I try to plug the HD in, nothing happens (no noise either) but the part near the SATA adapter becomes very hot and it smells like it’s burnt (altough there’s no smoke). I wanna try replaceing the PCB, though I know it may not solve the problem.




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