Western Digital 2060-771642-003 SATA board PCB

January 9, 2013

Q1: 1.5tb western digital elements hard drive.there are 2 boards 1 large and 1 small connected to the power receptacle.i believe the numbers you are asking for are 2060-771642-003 rev a that is the number on the large board similar to the 1 in your photo. the numbers under bar code are 2061-771642-w03 AB XF 9S54 T78G D 0007300 the last number being underlined.if these are the wrong ones please advise me and i will send a picture of the board and all corresponding numbers. the serial number is wcavy6717768 model wd1502fyps-02w3bo made in thailand.

Q2: Hello,
I have a WD 1.5TB WD1502FYPS-02W3B0
2060-771642-003 REV 3
Main IC: 88i9045-TJF2
Motor IC L7251 3.1
Do you have any boards that would be compatible with this drive?


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