Western Digital 2060-771672-004 2.5" PCB II

August 5, 2012

Q1:  I have a WD10tPVT
It says 2060-771672-004 REVA on the board and 2061-771672-L04 03P on the sticker so I don’t know which I need.
Do you stock and how fast can I get one?

Q2:  I need a pcb for a WD Scorpio Black 2.5 sata hdd.  2061-771672-E04 04PD1

Q3:  I have a WD Hard Drive that is not powering on, it suddenly wend dead.  Can you please suggest a course of action, will a PCB Swap Work.  Details of Drive Mentioned Below
Model Number WD500BEVT
board number 2060-771672-004 rev a


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