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Holiday notice: we are on holidays from Feb.10th–Feb.22th, we can't arrange the delivery during the holiday, all the boards will be delivered from Feb.22th. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Customer Reviews

It works great, my HDD is working and I've recovered all my information. Thank you for your service, was awesome!!

David – Mexico

Just to tell you that the pcb arrived yesterday and works great! Thanks you for the "BIOS" sticker on the pcb. It was helpful!

Sergi – New Zealand

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I did recovered my client's drive after a quick swapping of bios chip (pcb 2060-701292-000). It was an old electrically fried IDE drive and I had close to no hope to recover it so, again: many thanks!

Alexis - France

I did som research, and some serious ohm'ing of the diods, and compared the two PCB's a had, and found one with 0.00 ohm, so i figured that was not right, so i just changed the main controller IC as you suggested, and voila, the diks worked, and i get the 38000 files out of the disk!

Jon - Norway

You sold me a replacement board for my old seagate drive way back in 2014.... due to several reasons (including not really knowing how to repair the drive) I have only just got round to actually doing it. I bought a desolder station and had a go... just to say it was (luckily ) a massive success and I have managed to recover almost 300GB of data from the drive... I just wanted to let you know as I was very impressed with your help and support at the time and to thank you for a good product which has enabled me to fix my drive and recover important data.. thank you!

Mark - United Kingdom

I have received the replacement PCB 100609264 this day and made the switch of bios. now my hdd is working normally again all my files and photos had been detected already thanks you so much!

Ryan - Philippines

We have received the Seagate PCB 100535537 this morning. The BIOS was again marked on the board and helped us a lot. Thank you very much for your professional work and pre-thinking on behalf of your customer.

- Erik – Switzerland

EXCELLENT BUSINESS MAN! VERY PROFESSIONAL! FIVE STAR RATING AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Product arrived from Hong Kong to UK within a week. The product is in working condition. Tom also provides tips and advice on the product, which is a bonus! I enjoyed doing business with you.

rhonchamo - United Kingdom

"Thank you very much, your service and PCB(Hitachi 0A71256) saved one of my clients data from 8 years.

Michael - Germany

I have received the new PCB 2060-701640-002 last week. It is perfect.

Patrick - France

Thank you very much for info. Finally got my hands on soldering equipment and got bit of courage to try. After change the BIOS, it (Seagate 100664987 PCB) works like a charm. You've me really happy, Thanks!

Torgeir – United States

This goes to intimate that I have received the item (Western Digital 2060-701292-000 PCB) today in good packing condition. Thank you for your prompt service. Look forward to do more business with you.

Kalesh – India

Thanks very much for your excellent work, very much appreciated.

Reza – New Zealand

Thanks a bunch! Hope to do more business with HDD Zone again soon. (Samsung BF41-00314A)

Michael - United States

Thanks a bunch! Hope to do more business with HDD Zone again soon. (Samsung BF41-00314A)

Michael - United States

thank you for shipping it so fast and for all the services you offer. Organizations like you are the true saviors in this digital world.

Anish - India

Thank you for all the help. HDD works perfectly now that I swapped the bios over. (Seagate 100574451 PCB)

Justin - United States

Just thought that I'd post you and let you know that the replacement MAXTOR DiamondMax 10(Plus) 300GB board 040121400 board that you sent to me works great. Now I have the drive working and running as we speak! Thanks very much for getting back to me regarding all of my inquiries about purchasing a replacement PCB board for this drive, and also ensuring that you sent me the correct board to get this invaluable drive of mine, fully operational again.

I'm actually going to purchase a Solid-State Drive at months'-end; to ensure that all of my data can be removed and re-installed on a more reliable piece-of hardware; (hopefully) to-guard against any future hardware failures.

If the "worst-case scenario" (unfortunately) happens again, I'll certainly be contacting you and the rest of the HDD-Zone First and Foremost for your prompt service, products and support. Thanks once again Tomin and to everyone at HDD-Zone for your assistance. Have a great week!

Shawn - Canada Admin's Pick

You are my hero of the day !!!! Maybe even the whole week. 10 minutes of soldering. And my system was up and running again. Incredible.

Wim - Netherlands

Ye, I saw your youtube video,so I got a heatgun and a set of tweezers, and I managed to remove the bios off the new PCB and also the one off the damaged PCB and then carefully soldered the old bios onto the new PCB. It seemed like the safer and easier way. I have a working drive again :D. Thank you guys very very much for helping me out. Almost lost years worth of family imagery.

I have received my order today and was happy because it was quick and the parcel was well protected.And I got all my data back Thank you very much I appreciate it very much.

kyle - United States

Guys, thank you very much for your responsiveness (seagte PCB 100664987). Thanks to your work, my hard drive got a second life.

Denis - Russia

The PCB you sent me worked like a charm. I was able to recover data from my 1TB drive(Seagate 100512588 PCB). It was all worth it, will definitely deal with you again if the need arises, and will promote your site.

Nathaniel - Philippines

Today I have received my replacement PCB board SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00284A. It arrived very quickly, but this is not what I want to say. Swapping the board, made my faulty hard drive Alive!!! Thank you, you saved my 10 years of hard work - ALL data is intact! Great service!!!

Kris - Australia

Just to let you know that we received the PCB, changed the BIOS chip over and all worked very well. We have recovered data from two drives with this PCB now and are very happy with the service all around. Thank you very much, we will certainly use you in the future.

Robert - United Kindom

Received the PCB real quick,everything is working fine.Thank you!

Andreas - Cyprus

Upon receiving PCB (WD 2060-771801-002 PCB) had noticed small sticker indicating the chip that I had to exchange from the old PCB, that saved me heaps of research time, this business goes "beyond it's duties" to help the customer, thanks to them I now have a very good reputation with my customers for speedy repairs, also postage was super fast and well protected, I wish everyone was as good as them.

Steven - Australia

Thanks for your PCB and support. I got all my photos back. It's a pleasure doing business with you

Andrea - Italy

Thank you so much for your help hard drive restored with no data loss!

Dave - United Kingdom

Thanks to you for being most helpful. You are good man and a good company to deal with. The transplant was a complete success, all 50 GB of it. At 74 years my hand is not the steadiest any more yet I managed. Thanks once more and kind regards!

Reinhard -Australia

After moving the old memory chip to the new circuit board it worked perfectly to recover our hard drive. Saved us much money!

Dennis - United States

IT WORKED! Changing the BIOS from original board to new board made the drive show up and I could save ALL my files! It was worth the investment. Thank you for making videos and also explaining everything so well. You saved me a lot of money and I am grateful. I will recommend you to many people that I know.

Brian - United States

I moved the 2 Bios and miracle it works fine .Thanks a lot! I finally saved my data.

Madjid - United Arab Emirates

Changed the BIOS, plug it in and hay presto it worked. So wonderful! (New!)

Scott - United States

PCB worked great and was exactly what I ordered.

Thanks! Sam - United States

Thanks a million Tomin, Just to say it has been a real pleasure dealing with you and your company, so well done.

Carl - Ireland

Thank you for the PCB, HDD fixed & data recovery done.

Timo - Finland

Just to let you know that after the PCB swap and the NVRAM chang, my HDD is back to life. I am pretty happy. Turlly thanks for all your help.

Curtis - United States

I had the U12 transferred over to the new PCB and the HDD started working again! I am currently copying over all my precious data. Thanks so much.

Jorn - Denmark

Thank you! The PCB has arrived safely and in good woring condition. My HDD can work again. Thanks for your detailed instructions. I will recommend you to the related forums.

Faion - France

I want to say Thanks for all help. You help you a lot. I got all my photos from the hard disk with your PCB. Thanks for everything.

Joseph – Australia

I just wanted to Thank You for the PCB board, my information on my 1 TB harddrive was not that important to someone else but it was to me, about 5 years worth of info that I would have lost if it was not for your buisness and its information. I had to change out the Bios chip just like it said on the website and my Segate hardrive came back to life as good as new and MOST IMPORTANT I WAS ABLE TO RECOVER ALL MY INFO and finally back it up, in fact the harddrive works like new, I was haveing some issues with it a while ago and I just did not pay attention until it was to late, and with a little research I found HDDZONE.

Rafael - United States

Thanks, everything worked as intended, and another thanks for your quick solution and response.

Mikael - Sweden

Thanks for the PCB 2060-771642-001 after replacing the Bios chip ,I can safely say that I am speechless my Hard drive is working again,all my data is fine (today I am even more happier) thanks for all your help!

Brian - United Kingdom

I don't know if I already told you but I got the EEPROM swapped out from the PCB I got from y'all a month or two ago and it was a SUCCESS! Couldn't be happier!

Thank you. Let me know if I can write a review / testimonial for you. Thanks again. I referred your company to the computer tech who did the replacement. He was impressed with your prices and selection.

Seth - United States

Hi! Received and now the drive its working, thanks!

Melvin - Mexico

Recieved WD 2060-771672-004 PCB, swaped the BIOS, and the drive is restored! Just wanted to mention that for such a small board, the use of a heat gun may not be such a good idea. I added some flux to copper brading and heated with a soldering iron to remove the solder on the pins of the BIOS. Thanks so much for your service!

Jim Bushner - United States

I have successfully received the PCB,I replaced the BIOS chip on the PCB by the original and it has worked perfectly.I was able to retrieve complete information from the hard disk.Thank you very much for everything and a warm greeting.

Raul - Spain

The PCB has arrived! It seems this is a recycled PCB, but its rolling and now i'am able to backup all the stored data. Thank you!

Eurico - Portugal

Put the drive back in original box and it boots and works! Thanks for your assistance. Your product and knowledge is a lifesaver.

Stephen - Canada

Thanks a lot! Your help in sourcing a matching part, and your advice both on the web site and by email, has been invaluable and I am very grateful.

Frank - United Kingdom

Your email advice worked! I swapped the ROM chip as indicated in your previous email, and I was able to access the contents of the HDD and copied of 52.7 GB of files without error to another HDD. Thanks!

Brad - United States

just want to let you know that everything has workout great! Got all my data back! Thanks for all the help!

Andre - Germany

I want to say thanks for the WD PCB it was perfect!

Iveta - Denmark

Thanx Tomin!! It arrived fast, and after the bios was replaced, it worked again, smoothly!!!! That's Great!

Best Regards
Tamas - Hungary

Just to say thanks, once bios chip replaced all is working fine (all the data recovered!)

Best regards
Miguel - Spain

Thanks for all the help, I greatly appreciate it. My HDD worked perfectly fine with your PCB.

Thanks again
Pilar - Spain

I received the board today and have already changed out the bios. All my stuff came up and I'm back in business.I want to thank you for your help and any time I need a board I'll order it from you. Thanks for the very quick shipping. Thank you again

Eddie - USA

"I received the PCB 2060-701314-003 REVA, today.It is working fine, I am very happy.Thank you very much for all the help you gave me."

Best regards
Paulo - Portugal

"Just wanted to Thank You! The board worked out great! I just ordered another board to try resurrecting another hard drive."

Troy - United States

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