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Holiday notice: we are on holidays from Feb.10th–Feb.22th, we can't arrange the delivery during the holiday, all the boards will be delivered from Feb.22th. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

Maxtor DiamondMax 21 PCB

Hard disc drive PCBs(print circuit boards) for Maxtor DiamondMax 21 HDD data recovery and repair needs. If the HDD can't spin, you can't hear any noise or just hear a tick sound, which means the PCB is probably faulty. Most HDD PCBs' failures are caused by Motor Controller Chip burnt, then the TVS diodes burnt and Main Controller IC burnt.

For common user, the best way is swapping PCB boards. You need to check the number on the Main Controller IC (the biggest chips on the PCB). The number should to be match. Maxtor PCB boards compatibility: Maxtor PCB swap guide

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