June 30, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-001092-007

2060-001092-0071. I am searching for the following PCB:
Western Digital 2060-001092-007 Rev A
It belongs to a WD Caviar: WD800BB-75CAA0 (IDE)
An alternative could be the motor driver IC: L6278 1.2E
Do you have one of the above?

2. I’ve got a problem with the controller circuit on my WD2000JB 200g HDD. While doing some stuff in the celler, dad did something to kill the upstairs power briefly – and its cause a chip on the hdd to blow. am pretty confidant (hopefull) that the data is still fine on the drive…
I’m in need of rescuing the data but need a specific model circuit to be able to get it to boot up, so i can copy the data off.
SPECIFICALLY this drive:
WD2000JB 200GB HDD
maunfacture date between JAN 2003 – SEPT 2003 (estimation, mines a 28 FEB 03 drive so its gotta be around that time)
To ID the circuitboard, turn over the drive, molex’s facing your body.. the boards code is in the upper right of the board: 2060-001160-001 (RevA)
under the IDE connection there is a sticker. My details say ‘2061-001160-100 D’ & ‘XW 1G11 J4H0 1 0007350 3357’ so if you have them details on your please contact me…
This is a shout for help from any WD drive owner that would be willing to:
a) swap there old WD2000JB with a brand new WD2000JB, made 6th Oct 2004.. to allow me to use the older curcuit board. I’ll copy all the old data on to the new one for you and pay for all shipping etc..
sell me a unused WD2000JB (that meets the above details)
c) lend me a curcuit board from a WD2000JB for use in recovering my data.
so WD driver owners – please, please, please check your HDD details in the hope that someone out there may be able to help me

Order this pcb online: 2060-001092-007

Order this pcb online: 2060-001092-007 WD80C24