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Hitachi 3.5" PCB 0A29481

Q: I am enquiring about whether you might be able to help me find a replacement pcb for my hdd, I have attached the relevant pictures about the hdd, as you can see on the close up on one of the chips that says Malaysia has blown, and wondering if it’s possible to retrieve the… Read More »

Hitachi 3.5" PCB OA71261/0A71261

Q: i want pcb of hitachi hdd i hv attached photo of pcb A: For 3.5” Hitachi PCB swapping, the main controller IC number is important. Your PCB’s Main Controller IC is 0A71261. is your donor PCB

Hitachi PCB 0J11457

Q: I need the donor PCB: HTS5475509E384 HDD : 5k750-500 P/N : H2T500854S MLC : DA4124 First two lines of PCB : 0J11457 DA3743A Please give me some help. A: 0J11457 is your donor PCB.  When you get this PCB, you need to move your original PCB’s BIOS to the replacement PCB.

Hitachi PCB 0A26798

Q: i have this HDD that doesn’t spin up. I have tested the fuses, and they are OK. So I need a replacement PCB. My Pacient drive is: HTS541080G9AT00 Jun-06 MLC: DA1175 PCB: OA26798 – DA1188A A: for this PCB swap, just need to match the first line number on the PCB. has the same… Read More »

Hitachi PCB OA58732/0A58732

Q: i have a hitachi HTS545032B9A300 320GB 5400 RPM with a pcb board 0A58732-DA2739B-XzF914-2MXL. It was in a Toshiba Satellite AK500, and it stop working. Do you have the PCB? Shall I change any chip? A: We have the donor PCB 0A58732. You need to move your origional PCB’s 2 BIOS to the replacement PCB,… Read More »

Hitachi PCB’s BIOS

Hitachi 2.5" PCB 0A52026 White Paper Numbers: 0A52026 Hitchi 2.5" PCB OA71398/0A71398 White Paper Numbers: OA71398/0A71398 Hitachi 2.5" PCB 0J11457 White Paper Numbers: 0J11457 Hitachi 2.5" PCB 0A52020 White Paper Numbers: 0A52020 Hitachi 3.5" PCB 0A90377 Board Number: 0A90377 Hitachi 2.5" PCB 0A26800 Hitachi 3.5" PCB 0A90380 Board Number: 0A90380

Hitachi PCB 0J11390

Q: i’ve Hitachi HDS723020BLA642 hard drive with faulty pcb: PCB: 110 0A90302 01 MCU: 0J11390 Motor Chip: 0A73080 Do you have donor PCB compatible with mine? A: We have the donor PCB – 0J11390. When you get this PCB, you need to move your original PCB’ s BIOS to the replacement PCB.

Hitachi PCB 0A54346

Q: Do you have PCB 0A54346-DA2110A For HTS543232L9A300 HITACHI 5k320-320. Do I need to change any chip? or just swap it? A: For 2.5” Hitachi PCB swapping, just need the donor PCB has same first line number – 0A54346 on the white paper as yours. You need to move your original PCB’s 2 BIOS to… Read More »

Hitachi PCB 0A71258

Q: I have Hitachi 2.5″ drive.  USB connector broke off and shorted.  Moved drive to other USB to SATA connection and drive shows no partition now.  Was going to try a PCB swap.  My board is 0A71258 DA2802C Wzh013 16WK This Hitachi 0A71258 PCB Circuit Board is listed in IBM/Hitachi PCBon