July 19, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701537-002 PCB Circuit Board

2060-701537-0021. I have WD2500AAKS hard disk. Need pcb for the same. Somebody help me please. Hard disk Details are
Date: 11 jan 2008
pcb : 2060- 701537-002 REV P1

2. In my review about the WD Caviar SE16 WD3200AAKS-00B3A0 hard drive, I reported on the existence of two difference types of housing for the drive. In the interest of silent PC enthusiasts, this is a poll to try and get a sense of whether one version is more widely distributed. The differences are most marked on the underside of the drive, on the casting side where the PCB is mounted. The photo below shows version 1 (which is my own arbitrary identifier, since it was the first one I saw) on the right and version 2 on the left. Version 2 is quieter, not by a large margin by normal PC standards, but it’s significant if you’re into uber-quiet PC.

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