July 20, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701640-001 PCB Circuit Board

2060-701640-0011. I accidentally plugged in the wrong adapter into my 1TB WD10EADS-00M2B0. I took it to a friend of mine which said it was completely fried and that I needed to get a new one. He said I needed that exact one and that sometimes firmware can effect it. I was wondering where I could get one. I need it before Nov. if possible.
PCB : eSata 2060-701640-001 REV A
P.S. When I turn it on, it starts smoking(burning) at the connection. I unscrewed it and saw that right where the eSata connect was burnt. Also this HDD was in a My Book from Western. Bought it last Nov.

2. My 1TB SATA Caviar Green (PCB 2060-701640-001 Rev A) crapped out on me several months ago after improperly disconnecting from the USB interface i always used to connect it. I think i forgot to unmount the drive before switching the power off, or something. The drive has been used very little, was still under warranty (probably not now) and never mishandled. I would just plug it into the USB/SATA converter, copy data, and disconnect. Very little use. But after (i think) bad disconnection, the drive will spin up, no bad clicking sounds, but is misrecognized (wrong type, wrong size, everything, acc. to cfdisk) and (obviously) won’t mount.
Since i think the likelihood is that it is a firmware corruption problem, i thought i might be able to get it recovered a bit more cheaply, but estimates have been $600-$800 (no way). Now i’m looking at buying WD Doctor for $550 and i would do it if i thought that i had a good chance of recovering the disk (assuming it _is_ a firmware corruption problem).
My biggest concern is getting the right modules and whatnot for this drive (e.g. finding the “donor” drive). I’m not sure about this aspect of things. Getting the exact same drive would obviously be easiest (and possibly nearly impossible, although i haven’t looked yet). I’ve looked through the forums here for the right firmware and have found one EADS… that looks close. But i have no idea how to tell if it’s close _enough_ or not.
So my question is… should i buy the WD Doctor and will i be able to get the firmware i need to fix it (assuming firmware corruption)?

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