October 25, 2012

Looking for a PCB for WD 500 GB Hard Drive.
PCB number: 2061-701508-100-ab 
XT 4M04 NN27 6 0003050 8 053

Please advise the PCB’s board number which is etched on the PCB, as the attached photo.

Thank you the etched number on the PCB is:  2060-701508-0001 REV-A The below numbers were located on an attached decal with bar code.


Please refer: 2060-701508-001

This PCB’s BIOS is integrated on the Main Controller IC. You should exchange the Main Controller IC to let the HDD be recognized. Move the Main Controller IC(the biggest chip on the board) is a complex job which need you have certain techique. Some electronics repair shop can do it.