PCB 100406937 REV B

July 30, 2011

Seagate 100406937 REV B Barracuda 7200.9 SATA PCB Circuit Board

PCB 100406937 REV B1. Firstly I would like to get the data off this drive and I just need to know by swapping the PCB board with an exect equivilent will actually work (ideally without transferring/dismounting/soldering/ any chips etc).
The drive fails to power up/spin with the existing board and when looking there are a couple of raised spots under where one of the chips is mounted. I did have a equivilent IDE board which fits this and the drive powers on/spins fine but obviously does not get recognise by an OS.
So if replcing the board does work on these drive I am looking for a replacement PCB matching the following details.
Seagate Barracuda 7100.1 320GB SATA (ST3320820AS)
P/N: 9BJ13G-566
Firmware: 3.AFE
Date Code: 07363
Site Code: TK
Product of Thailand
PCB Barcode: 100436209 C 77343XS1
Number printed on PCB board: 100406937 REV B
Any additional information about recovering the data would be greatly appreciated. If I need to buy special tools or a machine to dismount and remount chips could you inform me where I can get this sort of equipment from?

2. Do you have PCB board with this information:
Model number: ST3200820AS
P/N: 9BJ13F-300
Firmware: 3.AAC
Site Code: WU
Capacity: 200GB
Main Chip #: 100404226
100406937 REV B

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