Toshiba PCB G002825A

April 3, 2014

Q1: I have a Toshiba MK5075GSX HDD2L03 Z SL01 T drive, with firmware A0/GT001U, that as a G002825A PCB. Is the PCB what you have compatible

Q2: Do you have a stock of PCB for this model? :
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Model Number: MK32776GSX ( Laptop Drive )
Firmware number: GS002D
Serial Number: 611BT2FJT
PN: 00THW0
HDD Capacity: 320GB
FULL HDD Number: HDD2J94 D UL01 T
PCB #: G002825A

A: We have PCB of G002825A. When you get this PCB, you need to move your origional PCB’s BIOS to the replacement PCB.

G002825A's BIOS