Western Digital 2060-771672-004 2.5" PCB

July 19, 2012

Q1:  I have a WD10tPVT It says 2060-771672-004 REVA on the board and 2061-771672-L04 03P on the sticker so I don’t know which I need. Do you stock and how fast can I get one?

Q2:  I need a pcb for a WD Scorpio Black 2.5 sata hdd.  2061-771672-E04 04PD1

Q3:   Hi I have a recent new hard drive that the Board is damaged I knows it the board because i droped it The model is WD10TPVT-OOHT5T1 Date of Manf. 16 nov 2010 DCM HHBVJBBB DCX 1H19TAF53 can you help me with this



This Western Digital 2060-771672-004 2.5″ PCB is listed in Western Digital 2.5” Laptop PCB on HDDZone.com