PCB 2060-701266-001

July 19, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701266-001 PCB Circuit Board

PCB 2060-701266-0011. Looking for a replacement logic board. Here’s the full details:
Drive Model: WD1600BB-00GUC0
Date: 14 MAY 2005
Board No (white label): 2061-701266-200 AG
Board No (stamped): 2060-701266-001 REV A
Main Controller IC: WD70C26
Let me know if you need more info

2. I am looking for the above Western digital HDD with an idea to perform a
data recovery.
My HD stopped working after a power failure. There is no mechanical movements etc. Also there are other PCs that went through the same power failure & their HD are working alright. At the moment, this WDC HD does not spin at all, no noise & no vibrations when powered on. So I am sure that the PCB is faulty. Also there is no visible damages on the 2 sides of the PCB.
What I am looking for is the PCB (circuit board of the HDD) with the PCB
version number – 2060-001265-001 REV A. This number is visible on the PCB
when you carefully look at the middle of the edge.
By Googling, I found that if I find the exact PCB to swap, there is a chance of recovering some important data. Although I had backups, there are still few weeks of data that I want to recover from that.

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