July 14, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-001102-003 Circuit Board

2060-001102-0031. I have a Western Digital WD1200.
MDL: WD1200JB-00CRA1
Date: 09 Aug 2002
The drive contains a ton of important information like family photos, music, etc. Nothing that I would spend $1000 to replace, but stuff that really can’t be replaced.
Drive can’t be detected in bios. Drive emits a loud repetive clicking sound. About 1 click per second (click clack) noise. I tried all the normal tricks of hitting, freezing it, etc. I also tried to swap out the board with one of the same model number. The board I switched had the same number on the board itself 2060-001102-003. Both Rev. A. Hard drives were same model, but the date was one year later on the functioning drive.
When trying it with the newer board, I get same results.
What more can I do? I don’t have a safe room, so I can’t swap the disc itself out, but if very very very careful not to get even 1 dust particle on the platter, is it possible to swap out mechanics? What else could I do?

2. Have a urgent need for the processor board on this drive
WD 1200 120.0gb
DATE: 08 May 2003
Board # 2060-001102-003
If you can assist please email me – thanks – Phil
(I have found a board that is 2060-001102-002 is on a 60gb dir – will that possible work?)

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