July 13, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-001128-005 Circuit Board

2060-001128-0051. My HD’s circuit board died and I have 40GB worth of data. I refuse to sell my kidney to pay for a Data Recovery service to recover the data on this HD. I have read of many success stories from swapping circuit boards from drives with exact same model numbers. By experimenting in my lab I alreday know that the disks spins and that the damaged board didn’t affect the drive itself.
The Hard drive model is WD1200BB but not all drives with the same model # have the same circuit board because, as it was explained to me by Western Digital, and I quote, “most hard drives with the same model number have different firmware, platter densities, head park locations and so on.” The way they distinguish a drive’s batch from each other is by the 6 digit code following the model number.

2. There are WD2000 (200 gigs)
When starting the spindle spins to a high speed and Zsuzsanna, head very still and very quick knock, like a jack hammer, and remains in this state. I wonder what would it be?
DATE 09 MAR 2003
inscription on the electronics 2060-001128-005 rev.A
sticker 2061-001128-100 D XW 1B24 E3JM 5 0006330 3336

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