July 5, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001130-012 PCB Circuit Board

2060-001130-0121. Hey, If i was to get the exact same new/used pcb board for my dead Western digital hard drive would it be easy to replace?
i dunno if it would cost more in the long run,ive emailed Western digital asking if they would even consider shipping me out a pcb…im yet to get a responce.
But i just wanted to know,is it possible?
the drives warrenty is gone,they said i can send it to them for repair for a fee obviusly,but i dont want them having access to my personal data on it.
If its not possible,then il just have to destroy the drive and get that 1tb in my siggy,but thought it was worth a shot.

2. MDL:WD800-55HEA0
DATE: 23 JUN 2004
Part number on PCB is: 2060-001130-012 REV A
And there’s also a number on bar code tag: 2061-001130-300 AF
PCB is burnt by power supply. What kind of PCB can be used for replacement? I searched before I post this, it seems nobody has this model.

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