July 18, 2011

Western Digital 2060-001293-001 PCB Circuit Board

2060-001267-0011. I have a customer who is looking for a PCB for a WD1600. Information below:
Model: WD1600JD-75HBB0
Date: 29 Aug 2004
Rev: A00
And from the PCB sticker
2061-001267-000 AD XW2C06 4G4F 5 0002490 4492
NOTE: This is from a Dell desktop.

2. I have an issue with a WD2000 HD. It was working. Then a computer power box blew and I had to get a new one. In the mean time I slaved the HD up to another computer so the information could still be accessed (at home computer).
I received the new Power Box.. put it in the old tower. Took the HD out of other computer and put it back into the original computer (same one as new power box is in). Plugged everything back in and the HD went “CLICK” (goodbye) and didn’t work. The PCB got hot, then hotter and then when I thought it was getting too hot I turned off the computer.
I took the HD out and slaved it to the other computer again and nothing… It didn’t come on.
I want to know if I can find another HD the same and use the PCB off of the new one, to retrieve the information (it is essential that I recover this information or I am going to have to flee the country… ! )
Do I need to get a new HD or just a new PCB…?
These are the facts:
The hard drive worked fine prior to the click.
The New Power Box is the right one.
The hard drive does not work when tested in another computer.
It is a WD2000 200GB
Can someone please help me with this. If there is any more information you need let me know as I am going to check here frequently.

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