July 12, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-701335-005 Circuit Board

2060-701335-0051. i need a pcb for:
mdl: WD800JD-60MSA1
date: 01 aug 2006
board: 2060-701335-005 REV A
barcode sticker: 2061-701335-E00 AE XW 3C12 JMX3 1 0007050 7057

2. I had a WD400Bd 40 gig hard drive that died on me. I took a look at the PCB and it was burnt out. Me being stupid… ordered a identical model hard drive with a different pcb. I took the PCB off the new one and placed it on my old HD, however all i heard was clicking. (before i did this, anytime i plugged it in with the burnt pcb it didnt spin and no clicking noise at all) I researched and found out its doing this because it was not the same PCB as before.
The question i have is, if im looking for this exact pcb to put on my old HD do i need to match the DCM? I see a few which match the PCB exactly, but the dcm is different? Do you my exact PCB / DCM? Or do i need to soder the u12 chip from my old hd?
DATE: 27 MAR 2006
On the actual PCB it is printed with 2060-701335-005 REV A
However the white sticker says 2061-701335-D00 AD and then some other stuff underlined.
Do you have a PCB that i can place on my hard drive, please reply with email so i can purchase!

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