July 12, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-701336-003 Circuit Board

2060-701336-0031. Honestly this one was unexpected.
I was doing a favor for a friend and rebuilding their computer. She and I both had wd3200’s so I wanted to make sure the OS went on my drive and not hers full of data. I used an external usb device to try and mount and read her drive to make sure I knew which drive was what. Long story short, the usb drive thing blew up part of the circuit board on the drive. I really need to get the data off this drive any help would be much appreciated. Can I just swap out the proper circuit board from another drive? Should I take it to a shop? What will is cost? I would rather do it at home.

The Drive particulars are:
MDL: WD3200JD-22KLB0
Date: 24 MAY 2005
The Circuit board is:
2060-701336-003 REV A

2. The new (well, used but working) drive came in the mail today on schedule! I am at work so I cannot do anything but sit here in anticipation of swapping the boards to see if it works…but of course I will try the drive before I mess with it just to make sure it is not a DOA drive.
So, the only thing I can do right now is compare documentation.

WD Caviar SE, Serial ATA Hard Drive
Drive Parameters: LBA 625142448
MDL: WD3200JD-00KLB0
DATE: 23 JUN 2005
Number on board: 94V-0
Number on board: 2060-701336-003 REV A

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