July 7, 2011

Western Digital 2060-701508-001 PCB Circuit Board

2060-701508-0011. Hi, I’m a newbie and I’m sorry about my lack of knowledge.
I hope maybe you can help me with the diagnosis and the solution to fixing my dead Western Digital HDD. Here’s the model details:
MDL: WD5000AAJB – 00YRA0
DATE: 02 Dec 2007
Product of Thailand
Drive Parameters: LBA 976773168 500.0 GB
Logic board PCB: 2060-701508-001 REV A
Here’s the problem: When both the 40-pin ribbon cable and 4-pin power cable is plugged into the drive, then it is completely dead, it doesn’t spin at all. But if I just plug in the 4-pin power cable, the drive seems to spin perfectly fine.
I thought maybe the failure point is at the Firewire Bridge or Controller in my enclosure, so I tried it with another enclosure, but the same thing happens.
Should I try to find a similar logic board and swap it with the existing one? If so, should I replace the new logic board with the existing rom chip?

2. Hi, Recently my Backup Externals enclosure’s HDD has given out. After disassembly, I found that the WD5000AAKB-00UKA0 (WD Caviar SE16) smelled burnish…
After removing the Logic Board I indeed found a burned component labelled
I really dont know what this usually do but I’ll garantee you it doesnt do it anymore!
In fact, when powered on the drive doesnt do anything, no spins, no sounds but the Logic board does heats up a bit. I would bet it had plenty of time to heat up as it must have stay on a while before a found the drive was dead.
I’m attaching the best picture I could take with my camera.
Any chance the data may still be there? I’ve read about the TVS issue on older post, could that be it? Any chance that if I try to force the burned component out with a plier that the drive will spin?
Is my best bet to get a replacement logic board? If so the number is:
2060-701508-001 REV A
Since the board was made in 2007, I’m having very few hoping swapping the Logic Board with a new drive would work… Any tips would be appreciated.

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