Need Hard Drive PCB Board

May 14, 2012

1. I need pcb board for a samsung hard drive
Model HD103SJ  Rev. A
P/N – 62181C14AA1ZRR
These are the numbers on the chip
N0T 4250.02
0927 C1P

2. Can you tell me or send me a picture of board WD 2060-701335-005 PCB do you have this PCB with Revision A ?

3. Hi, i have a seagate HDD PCB# 100466624-Rev.B yet i cant find it on
your site. Recently my seaget external drive from 2008 stopped working and i
see that the site says this board may not fix my problem. Anyway If anyone
has any suggestions on which board may substite in thats fine. Also i read
on your site that you must firm-ware upgrade the drive. I am very
unexperianced in that area of computing. I have nver had a problem like this

4. Will you also match up the firmware of my circuit board? my hd light come on
but no spinning inside.