August 15, 2012

Q1:  Do you have a pcb for samsung hd103sj 1TB hdd?
PCB # BF41-00303A 00 
MCU 88i9025-TFJ2 P1S7110.4 1003 B0P TW 
SAMSUNG 010 K4H561638J-LCCC, H5616 WRB054GAN

Q2:  I have a Samsung HD103SJ HDD with a burnt circuit board. The drive is working, I checked using another similar board. I want to buy a similar board now. The board version is BF41-00303A 00. Could you please find me one?

Q3:  I’m looking for a PCB for my Samsung HD103SJ.  The number printed on the PCB is :
BF41-00303A 00
Do you have any in stock ?


This SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00303A is listed in Samsung PCB on