February 23, 2013

Q1: have a samsung HM100ui 1TB hard drive do u have a pcb for this hard drive
BF41-00322A 01
and on the sticker
T1 REV.1 2010091 M7B 0970

Q2: Hello,
I have a problem with a Samsung Spinpoint HDD (HM100UI/Z4 model). It came in an external Lacie box. The fact is that the drive doesn’t spin anymore. I have seen that the power failure is not in the USB-SATA adapter. It must be in the PCB or inside the magnetic part. I wonder if a PCB swap could fix my problem, but I can’t find the model in your shop (MT2 S3M Rev.01 R00). In the white label stuck to the board is written this:
"T1 REV.1
M7B 3251"
number BF41-00322A-01
Do you know if swapping this board would fix my problem? Do you know where I could find it?

This Samsung BF41-00322A PCB is listed in Samsung 2.5" Laptop PCB on