Western Digital 2060-701590-000 SATA "L"model PCB

June 18, 2012

Q1. Hi. i have many questions? im from Puerto Rico and i have 2 Wd Hdd damage .. one of them is a WD 1tb with this pcb number 2060-701590-000 REV A this pcb are burned  but the think is why is you have the same pcb i need to change the chip (ic controller) if the same number you put in the description, i need to do that? and if i need to do.. i dont have the heatgun to do that..

another is a WD 250GB with this pcb 2060-701499-000 REVA  i view the pcb and not have signs of burn but the hdd not turn on and the story behind this is i bought from ebay a idle sata to usb for this 250 gb in ebay but the seller send me a damage one beause when i conect this hdd ,this turn on but i need to move one cable to turn on and i contact the seller and he send me another but, when i put this new one this no turn on my hdd but, i note the hdd is warm and for be sure is the hdd or the plug  i conected my 1tb WD and when i do this the hdd not turn on but inmediatly warming up and smell smoke and i
desconected ,, this hdd 1tb have a big case with the name of Barretto and this have a big light color blue and this not light on when i conected the disk in the shell. this light indicate me the hdd reading so i think is burned because i open it and view in near of F12 are smell burn.. please let me now if you think i need to change this ic and if i need to do that, how i do ,or if you have the service and, if the ship are free to Puerto Rico

Q2. I have a couple of WD 1TB disks that look as though the pcbs have been damaged due to a power hit. I’m wondering if you’re able to help me out with the following:
Disk 1:
WD 1TB Caviar Green
Model: WD10EADS-00L5B1
Date: 11 Mar 2009
LBA: 1953525168
2061 – 701590 – J00  AD      XC 7K10 0ZCN R 0004360    9364
2060 – 701590 – 000 REV R
TS – M 8V01C  SG
Any assistance appreciated.



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