Seagate 100664987 PCB’s BIOS

March 24, 2014

Q: My HD on the bottom of the metal case smelled smoke. It was a very dumb move. the pcb board is 100664987 REV B and so far I searched all donordrives do not have the REV B in stock. I did get a replacement from seagate and it has the same board number. I was thinking of using a hot-air gun to move the old chip of the old board and put on new board. Pull the data off of the old board.
Would this work? and which of the 2 8 pins chips needs to be moved please?

A: 1. REV A, REV B can be used as same. Donor PCB just need to have the same board number – 100664987 as yours.
    2. You can move the BIOS from your original PCB by using hot-air gun, then solder it on the replacement board. 
    3.  About the BIOS, please refer the below photo: