July 1, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-001160-001 Circuit Board

2060-001160-0011. Just wondering if you can help me out with finding WD harddrive with a specific PCB 2060-001160-001 Rev A.
My harddrive is shot and I need to replace the circuit board to get the drive to spin up again. The PCB on my drive is what I list above. If I can either get just the circuit board with the right PCB or a drive (whatever size) with the right PCB, that would be fine.

2. I have that Western Digital 160 gig hd thought crashed on me, but I can still hear it running and it gets warm, but the bios just will not detect it. can you please provide some information about replacing the onboard controller on a Western Digital hard drive?

Bad drive: Western Digital 160 gig hd…model WD160JB-00DUA0
Good drive: Western Digital 160 gig hd…model WD1600JB-00EVA0
Bad drive says a Product of Malaysia
Good one says Product of Thailand.
Both drives are 8 mb cache 7200 rpm drives.
Both drives have the following numbers made into the green boards on them:
bad drive has 2060-001160-001 Rev A
good drive has 2060-00179-003 Rev A
The screws hole match up on both contoller boards.

Buy this pcb online: 2060-001160-001