July 2, 2011

Western Digital PCB 2060-001179-003 Circuit Board

2060-001179-0031. This is (or, rather, WAS!) a Western Digital Caviar 200GB EIDE drive; last night it was fine, this morning it wasn’t recognized by the BIOS. The computer had not been powered off, is on a decent UPS (and we had no lightning activity last night); the other drives were all fine, once this one was removed (though the slave drive on this controller was not recognized either, while this one was plugged in).
The logic board has this identifier:
2060-001179-003 REVA
Other impressive text strings include these:
DATE: 08 JUL 2004
And it’s a “Product of Malaysia”, It’s got nothing but family photos, emails, and so on — not worth the thousands of dollars people are quoting, but a definite bummer to lose, so I’d love to try a new logic/controller board to see if I can get that stuff back. Please let me know if you can help!

2. Do you sell used (but working) logic boards for hard drives? After a hardware issue last week, my Western Digital 200 Gb drive doesn’t spin anymore. The board gets hot and smells interesting, but I think the platters are still spinnable and have good data on them.
I’ve never had a failure with a WD drive… hoping I can find a replacement logic board that will work.
Here’s some info…
model number: WD2000JB-00FUA0
date: 29 Apr 2004
Some information on the board is as follows:
94V0 (don’t know what this means)
2060-001179-003 REV A (revision info)
Hope you will have some ideas. Thank you

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