Samsung HDD PCB

January 11, 2012

1. Samsung Hard drive PCB – Hi im trying to get my hard drive to work, im hoping its just the board is bust, i plugged the wrong power cable into it so a power surge blew my media player and possibly the hard drive. I got a new player but it wont power up fully, it tries but then turns off, no noise from drive. I did some looking around on youtube and i thought i would try replacing the PCB on the hard drive.

Samsung HDD PCB
Its a SAMSUNG HD103UJ. 1TB p/n 496711cs106773
Do you has a same drive that they dont want or i will be willing to buy the PBC off them please get in touch.

2. As stated, specific requirements close or similar to stated info.
HD103SJ Rev. A
S/N: S246J1CZ408027
P/N: 63021-C741-A1B0M
2010.04 build date
Info on logiboard:
BF41 003003A
If you have an HD103SJ with similar info or a build date near the HD103SJ, I am willing to pay and negotiate with you on what we should compromise on.

3. Samsung HD400LJ PCB – I have a problem with a Samsung HD400LJ. The drive does not spin up and I suspect the PCB after a power problem. Can I replace the PCB without firmware transfer? Does anyone have this in stock or know where I can get it? The PCB number is BF41-00107A.

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