Western Digital 2060-701537-003 SATA "L"model PCB

July 5, 2012

Q1:  Need to replace a PCB for  Western digital 320GB external harddrive,
modelnumber WD3200AAKS-00B3A0
PCB s/n: 2060-701537-002 REV P1

I see this PCB on your site but I noticed that the main IC and Smooth chips have different numbers on them.  Mine has a main IC of 88i8845D-BHG2 Smooth chip labeled L7251 2.2 Is the one on your site the one I need for my drive?

Q2:  I am desperate to replace my PCB.
The hdd is a WD3200AVJS.
On the board it reads 2060-701537-003 REV A
The white sticker on the board reads 2051-701537-G00 AC
I think I own the only hdd in the whole world with 2051 on the white sticker.  Does that matter? Would you think I’d be successful if I tried to replace it with a 2061 PCB?If so, could you point me to a matching board of yours?




This Western Digital 2060-701537-003 SATA “L”model PCB is listed in Western Digital SATA PCB on HDDZone.com