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How to repair the damaged HDD Part II

How to repair the damaged HDD Part II

Read relevant information: before you decide to repair it, you have to read the entire relevant information. The risk of some repair methods would be very high. The result would be successful repair HDD, or completely scrapped HDD.

Do Physical tests on the HDD: Hold the HDD tight with one hand. Turn it around, and take care to hear whether the HDD making sound. If you can't hear any sound, the fault would be the heads or spindle adhesions. If your HDD had been used many years or the HDD is very hot, the possibility of the faulty would be very high. You can consider the following methods for maintenance:

Heat HDD: Preheat the microwave oven at the lowest temperature for 5 minutes, and then turn off it. Put the HDD in the microwave oven for 2-5 minutes to heat. Take out the HDD, and then repeat the physical test. If you also can't hear any sound, you can skip to the next step. However, if you can hear the sound, you can connect the HDD with your computer. Pay attention to listen to the sound of HDD spindle sound. If everything is normal, you can try to access the HDD and transfer the data to a good HDD.

If necessary, you can re-heat HDD, and then turn it around quickly or knock the HDD's surface. This is undoubtedly crazy, but it is possible to help the heads to get rid of adhesions, Repeat the physical test. You can hear the voice of heads movement? If so, connect the HDD with your computer, then try to access the HDD.

If you can hear the rhythmic "clicking" sound, It means the HDD is not stuck.

When you rotate (font & back) the HDD for 90 degrees, make sure you can't hearany sound. This means some parts in the HDD was loose or disconnected. The Maintenance methods are beyond the scope of this article.

Don't worry. You can try other maintenance method. This method is entirely different with the previous, i.e. HDD cooling. This is a last way. This may let your HDD rework for a short time, so that you can retrieve the important data. If other way can't help, this way is also worth a try.

Seal up the HDD with a zipper plastic bag, and then exclude the air in the bag, place the HDD in the refrigeration for several hours.

Connect the HDD with your computer, and then try to access the HDD. If the HDD can work, you need to retrieve the data quickly and then throw away the HDD. If the HDD can't work, You may need to seek professional help.

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