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Thanks a bunch! Hope to do more business with HDD Zone again soon. (Samsung BF41-00314A)

Michael - United States

Thanks a bunch! Hope to do more business with HDD Zone again soon. (Samsung BF41-00314A)

Michael - United States

thank you for shipping it so fast and for all the services you offer. Organizations like you are the true saviors in this digital world.

Anish - India

Thank you for all the help. HDD works perfectly now that I swapped the bios over. (Seagate 100574451 PCB)

Justin - United States

Just thought that I'd post you and let you know that the replacement MAXTOR DiamondMax 10(Plus) 300GB board 040121400 board that you sent to me works great. Now I have the drive working and running as we speak! Thanks very much for getting back to me regarding all of my inquiries about purchasing a replacement PCB board for this drive, and also ensuring that you sent me the correct board to get this invaluable drive of mine, fully operational again.

I'm actually going to purchase a Solid-State Drive at months'-end; to ensure that all of my data can be removed and re-installed on a more reliable piece-of hardware; (hopefully) to-guard against any future hardware failures.

If the "worst-case scenario" (unfortunately) happens again, I'll certainly be contacting you and the rest of the HDD-Zone First and Foremost for your prompt service, products and support. Thanks once again Tomin and to everyone at HDD-Zone for your assistance. Have a great week!

Shawn - Canada Admin's Pick

You are my hero of the day !!!! Maybe even the whole week. 10 minutes of soldering. And my system was up and running again. Incredible.

Wim - Netherlands

Ye, I saw your youtube video,so I got a heatgun and a set of tweezers, and I managed to remove the bios off the new PCB and also the one off the damaged PCB and then carefully soldered the old bios onto the new PCB. It seemed like the safer and easier way. I have a working drive again :D. Thank you guys very very much for helping me out. Almost lost years worth of family imagery.

I have received my order today and was happy because it was quick and the parcel was well protected.And I got all my data back Thank you very much I appreciate it very much.

kyle - United States

Guys, thank you very much for your responsiveness (seagte PCB 100664987). Thanks to your work, my hard drive got a second life.

Denis - Russia

The PCB you sent me worked like a charm. I was able to recover data from my 1TB drive(Seagate 100512588 PCB). It was all worth it, will definitely deal with you again if the need arises, and will promote your site.

Nathaniel - Philippines

Today I have received my replacement PCB board SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00284A. It arrived very quickly, but this is not what I want to say. Swapping the board, made my faulty hard drive Alive!!! Thank you, you saved my 10 years of hard work - ALL data is intact! Great service!!!

Kris - Australia

Just to let you know that we received the PCB, changed the BIOS chip over and all worked very well. We have recovered data from two drives with this PCB now and are very happy with the service all around. Thank you very much, we will certainly use you in the future.

Robert - United Kindom

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